Chorus for Untrained Operator is an room-sized instrument made from discarded electronics rewired to emphasize their musical properties. The ensemble is operated via the patch bay of a 1940s Western Electric switchboard.

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The Institute for Interanimation is a research group focused on the interplay between new technologies and collective experience. ii was formed in collaboration with Mona Kasra at the University of Virginia in 2016 and continues to support projects and people working with virtual, augmented, and networked lives.

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TRaNsMOGRiFiER is a downgrade shop that turns things into thingsTR. Mailing something in or drop something off for transmogrification – an unpredictable process that involves people, cardboard, electronics, and hot glue. Your ThingsTR will be returned in two weeks. There is no charge, but transmogrification is irreversible.

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One Room is a site specific performance/installation created for the RISD: Locally Made exhibition. By knocking on the slats of the exhibition space’s walls, the room becomes a microtonal marimba. The sounds, captured and looped at changing intervals, evolve over the course of the hour into a rhythmic cloud. A single string is stretched from each mallet hit point, in the order they were played, visually tracing the sequence.

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