Referring to the concert A above middle C, at a frequency of 440hz, a440 is considered by those who consider such things to be the reference frequency for the calibration of orchestral instruments--a pitch against which other pitches are compared and a reason why I could never be a professional trumpet player.

A440 is a calibratory signal, an attempt to tune the world. Performed in over 100 locations throughout New England over the course of two weeks, A440 is an event score that explores alternative performance contexts and actively listens to urban soundscapes. Over 70 performances are documented in the video above.



Choose a site that seems out of tune and play a440 until you feel the site is sufficiently tuned and then move on. Repeat until the world is in tune. (Documentation is optional).



08.2011 | ICMC, University of Huddersfield
01.2011 | Seamus Conference, University of Miami
10.2010 | Sound & Image Series, Providence, RI
05.2010 | Site & Sound, Providence, RI