Adding Machines



Adding Machines are long feedback delay systems. They capture the input of a microphone and continuously loop the sound at predefined or evolving intervals. The input folds into itself, and moves around in space. The machines can be controlled manually or set to animate on their own. Adding machines have been used in performances, installations, and as compositional tools for creating complex evolving textures.


The performance Simon used adding machine v1


Other Performances

  • 10.2010 | Zenman | Providence, RI
  • 12.2010 | Simon for player, robot, & wizard
  • 02.2011 | w Andrew Starner | Tazza | Providence, RI
  • 04.2011 | Casio VL-Tone, Electric Razors, electric toothbrush, Bottle, Voice, radio
  • 05.2011 | Wine Glass and Microphone
  • 02.2012 | Interrupt Festival | Voice




quiet machine (2011) performed by pb



Sink and Drain (2010)