The ndial combines automated sampling and sequencing with manual controls to navigate sound worlds in unpredictable ways. The system selects samples at random from a live or prerecorded source and maps them to a hardware interface—an 8-step sequencer that goes around instead of along. The interface can match pulses, record live samples, reorganize patterns, add effects, and remix performances in real time. Recordings are explored out of order, and because control of the content is limited, preconceived strategies give way to the matters at hand.



video demo of some basic operations. for more info, there's a manual (pdf). source material by momoko & villalobos.



The ndial is designed for use with the onism software system. Four ndials were used in the performance-game-nterplay, Re. A typical nterplay lasts between 8-15 minutes with each ndial drawing from one sound world—a recording, song, speech or live input. nterplays can involve anywhere from 1 to 4 players.




12.2012 | Reconsidering the Pattern | Granoff Center, Providence, RI
03.2013 | Boryn | Providence, RI
05.2013 | Cruel | Kingston, England | IDAF Festival
12.2013 | w Bumpr | Silent Barn. NY
09.2014 | w Bumpr | Spectrum, NY
09.2014 | w HE, Sewing Room Daguerreotype by Hannis Brown | Poisson Rouge, NY



A new record is made for each ndial performance. The record serves as a map, helping players navigate between sound worlds. Each sound can be re-written with live sounds, but when shuffled, the ndial chooses samples from the active sound world. The style of the record is up to the player.