Reconsidering the Pattern in Light of the System for 

REis a concert game for 1-4 ndial players following a score of ambient light. Players work their way through sound worlds determined beforehand and sampled at random. Sound worlds can be anything—field recordings, pop songs, speeches, synthesized sounds, or live input via microphone. Because control of content is limited, the players must listen and navigate unpredictable paths through the familiar soundscapes.


11.2014  | nwit epaks | Anthology, Providence, RI
12.2012 | Reconsidering the Pattern | a series of performances in Providence, RI
03.2013 | boryn | Providence, RI
05.2013 | curle | Kingston, England | IDAF Festival

Excerpts from Reconsidering the Pattern | 12.2012, Providence

Players: PB, Stephan Moore, Caroline Park, & Tim Rovinelli