Experiments / Fragments

cut performance



breakfast loop

an interactive performance/installation created in collaboration with Meena Satnarain. A stop motion animation is rear projected onto a tabletop and performers act out a synchronized breakfast scene that loops seamlessly... there is an over-sized dial in front of the table that can increase and decrease the speed of the video, allowing the audience to manipulate the actors in exploring impossibly fast and painfully slow performances.



exquisite corpse




sound and image |  first minute is just sound.

07.2011 | The Tank, NYC
10.2010 | Pixilerations Festival, Providence, RI
05.2010 | Sound & Image Concert, Providence, RI



one drop

Audiovisual installation made entirely from the source material of a single water drop.  I make a completely different edit/piece for each installation instance with different types of screens and ideas.  One installation was a four channel phase and another an abstract processed mess.